Noisy Pig is the alter ego of Bernardo Santarelli, the Berlin based musical and video performer.
Noisy Pig has developed a unique sound that mixes different elements: techno with synth-pop, catchy melodies with lo-fi guitars, sarcastic lyrics with queer topics.

Breaking from the cliques of the underground, Noisy Pig uses his naive touch and playful style to create a new platform where he can express twisted attitudes.

The result is colourful Electro-Punk: eclectic, energetic, and full of subversive elements! The visual element is also essential to the live performance, with absurd characters and magic figures working to stage a surreal cabaret.

Despite what may seem like only “party music”, Noisy Pigs performances are inspired by the attitude of riot grrls, and explore critical themes like queer and gender identities.
These eclectic performances have become one of the more attended scenes in the queer art movement.
Noisy Pigs has toured extensively throughout Europe and America, and has shared stages with many acclaimed performers, including: Deerhoof,Dat Politics,Yacht, Dean Decon,Kevin Blechdom.
He has also performed in several Queer Festivals (London, Copenhagen, Bruxelles, Oslo) where his live multimedia performances are often an entertainment highlight.

During 5 years he has released several recordings, which include collaborations with fringe artists:Stereo Total, Echokrank, Allison Wolfe and many more.
Noisy Pig is also co-organiser and resident dj of POOPSY CLUB, a place that people have budded “Berlin’s funniest queer party!”

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